How Does Solar Electricity Work on Homes?

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December 1, 2017
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January 17, 2018

How Does Solar Electricity Work on Homes?

There are a lot of people who would like to know, how does solar electricity work? It is a simple process where the sun gets converted into energy that can be used throughout the home. More homes are getting solar panels than ever before. They are able to see the benefits that come with owning solar panels. If you want to have solar electricity panels installed on your home, then it is important you understand the process. That way, you can get the most out of your solar panels.

How Does Solar Electricity Work to Convert Sun to Power?

Solar panels go up on the roof, or on a frame that is set outside where it can collect sunlight. The panels are made of what are called PV cells. The PV stands for photovoltaic. These cells take in the sun’s rays, and convert those rays into direct current, or DC, electricity. From there, an inverter takes the DC electricity, and changes it to AC, or alternating current, electricity. This AC electricity is then fed to your lights, and all of your home’s appliances and electronics. What you use gets taken from these cells, and some of the rest is often stored in a battery type of storage unit. It can also be set up to where what you do not use, returns to the grid.

Can Solar Power Help Anyone Besides the Person Who Owns the Panels?

When you have more power coming through your home, than you use, the solar power created goes back to the grid. This means, instead of taking from the electrical lines coming into your home, you put electricity out through them. Your power can help power your local electrical grid, and even help power the neighborhood. The more power you put back into the grid, the more helpful your solar panels are to you and those around you. In many communities, the power you provide to the grid, the power company will even pay you for. This means if you put some power back into the grid each month, you get a check from them each month, too.

How Does Solar Electricity Work on Cloudy Days?

A lot of people worry when the days get cloudy. They believe that they will run out of power. The truth is, this is not how solar electricity works. If you have ever wondered, how does solar electricity work on a cloudy day, then you are not alone. What happens is on those super sunny days, you use the electricity directly. When you have a bit leftover, it gets stored. Then, when you have cloudy, rainy, or snowy days, you then use some of the battery power you stored up.

Thankfully, if you run out of battery power, all is not lost, either. Your home is still attached to those power lines that come in. If you do not have enough power to keep running off of batteries or your solar panels directly, you can still use grid power. This way, no matter what type of electricity you need to function, it is all at your fingertips.

Turning to the Professionals Allows You to Have the Right Solar Panels Installed on Your Home

When you make the choice to have solar panels installed, you need to make sure you turn to a professional installation company. They will know what places are the best places on your home or property for installation. Plus, they will be able to explain to you why those are the best places to put them up. They will talk with you about how many solar panels you need to keep your house running properly, and use as little grid power as possible. You can also talk to your solar panel installation crew about how much power you hope to pull from the grid, or if you wish to put power back, how to go about doing that as well.

Once you have your goals set up, and the right number of panels picked, they will come out and install them for you. What you want is a company that will install them. Plus, one that will help you learn what you need to do to maintain them. You do not need to do much to help keep them working, but you do need to understand what goes into their maintenance. If the company you have install them is willing to show you all that goes into caring for your solar panels, then you are off to a good start.

If you have decided that solar panels are the way to go for you, then make sure you have the professionals install them. Contact the experienced professionals here at C&G Electric, by calling (940)566-0711. We can help you understand, how does solar electricity work, and help install solar panels on your home for you!

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