Replacing Electrical Outlets is a Job for a Professional Electrician

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August 17, 2017
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Replacing Electrical Outlets is a Job for a Professional Electrician

Are there any electrical outlets in your home that could use replacing? If so, it is important you know the benefits of hiring a professional electrician to do the job. If you were to try and do the job yourself, not only you could be at risk, but your home could as well. A simple mistake of which wire you put where could pose a spark risk, and could start a fire. If the fire starts after you put the outlet cover back on, it could be too late to save your home by the time the fire is detected. It is much safer to have a professional come in and do this task for you. It is simply not worth the risk.

What All Goes Into Replacing Electrical Outlets?

The answer depends on the current electrical outlets that you have, and the wiring that goes with them. If you happen to have old service, you need to have the wiring updated in order to put new electrical outlets into your home. By using a current outlet with old wiring, you could damage your home and cause problems. Having an older home that you work to restore is an amazing source of pride. However, you need to make sure all of the restorations are done properly to keep the home safe.

When replacing electrical outlets, you need to remove the old outlet with the power off to the outlet before you begin. Then, once the old outlet is removed, you need to disconnect the wires. If your wiring to your home is current, you should take the old wires and connect them to the new outlet, and screw the new electrical outlets into place. Once all of the work is done, then you should restore power to the outlet and test it out. You should use an outlet tester, but if you do not have one, a night light is often a good alternative that should give you enough juice to know if the outlet works or not.

Codes Are Different for Electrical Outlets Now Than They Ever Used to Be

It used to be that you could put any type of electrical outlets wherever in your home. So long as they were installed right, you were fine. Today, codes are much different. Now, you must have what are called GFI electrical outlets anywhere near a water source. If you do not have these outlets, then it is important that you get them installed sooner, rather than later. What these GFI outlets do is turn off any time they get even the slightest bit of water on them. This protects them from starting a fire. The outlet will pop, and anything plugged into the outlet will stop working. Once the outlet is dry, you can then reset the outlet, allowing anything plugged in to work again.

If you do not have these outlets installed near your kitchen sink, all over your bathroom, and near your laundry, this is a problem. Your home could be at risk of a fire, not even including the fact that your home is not up to code without them. You never want to take the risk that your home is not up to code. Codes are set up to keep your home safe, and prevent as many problems as possible.

Bringing Your Home Up to Code is Also a Job for Professional Electricians

If what you are doing now is bringing your home up to code, then it is especially important that you call in a professional electrician. Your home will need to go through multiple inspections to ensure each part of the job is done right. If you were to do the job yourself, the home may not be up to code even if you do all the work that you think is necessary. A professional electrician knows what work needs to be done to ensure your home is safe. Let them take the responsibility for updating your residential electrical outlets. That way, you do not need to take on the extra pressure of trying to decipher codes on top of updating your home.

Replacing Electrical Outlets is an Easy Task for Professional Electricians

Many people steer clear of hiring professional electricians for simple jobs like replacing electrical outlets. They think it is not worth the cost they expect the job to be. However, you have to keep in mind how simple of a job that is for them. It takes a professional far less time to do than it would someone without experience. Plus, there is no worry about them not doing the job right the first time. It ends up costing far less than most people expect. Then they wonder why they did not call in the pros sooner!

Don’t feel like you must know how to do these jobs on your own. Instead, call in the professionals at C & G Electric. They can be reached by calling (940)566-0711. Let them help you with anything from updating your old wiring to helping replace your old electrical outlets!

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