New Canned Lighting Options and How to Make the Best Use of Them

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New Canned Lighting Options and How to Make the Best Use of Them

There are many new canned lighting options on the market. They bring about a new type of light in many different rooms. They can make your room appear as though sunlight is flowing into the room, even in smaller apartments that obviously do not have skylights. Canned lighting can make any space feel larger. No matter what part of your home you want to add new lighting to, canned lighting can bring a previously dark space to life.

Goals of Canned Lighting Options

When canned lighting is your chosen lighting option, you need to figure out what the goal is for your home. Do you want a bright light to make the space easier to use? Perhaps you want to create a special ambiance to part of a room to set it apart. Some people just want to add an interesting piece of architecture into a room for effect. No matter what your goals are, canned lighting options can meet those goals.

What to Know About Installing New Canned Lighting to Your Home

When you decide that you want canned lighting in your home, it means deciding what type of lighting you want. This could be round lights in the ceiling, rectangular lights in the upper parts of hallway walls, false skylights, or whatever else your imagination comes up with. You also need an idea of where you want it to go, so you can pick the right style. If you are not sure what that style should be, you can ask for help. Getting the opinion of an interior designer can help significantly. You can also speak with people who sell canned lighting and find out from them which options work best in specific situations.

Who Should Install Your Canned Lighting?

Installing any type of new lighting in your home, aside from a lamp, should always be done by a professional. Going into the walls or ceiling means that you may encounter things that are dangerous. This could include live wires, insulation, piping, gas lines, and other obstacles. For a novice, these are some things you do not want to mess with. They could hurt you, damage your home, or make even using the light unsafe. By contracting the installation out to an experienced electrician, you know that your light is going to work, and your home is going to remain safe.

By allowing anyone to dig around in your ceiling or the upper part of your walls, you could leave a lot of holes in your wake. This is going to detract from the effects you were going for in the first place. Make sure you plan out where you want the light before anyone begins to cut into your plaster or drywall. To give you an idea of what the light is going to do, place a flashlight in the area to get a visual. This will tell you if you even like having an added light in the area or not.

Common Places to Put Canned Lighting

There are a lot of great options when it comes to where you can put your new canned lighting. The options are as vast as your imagination. There are areas in each room of your home that could be spruced up with added light. Consider each room on its own before deciding that you would not need extra light there.

In the kitchen, having canned lighting allows you to have extra light when you need it, and ambiance when you don’t. Think about under your cabinets. You can place your recipe there and read it when using the kitchen, or have them on by themselves when you are in another room. Perhaps you want to lighten up your preparation area? Then put some canned lighting over your island or countertops where you prepare most of your meals.

When you consider lighting options for the bathroom, you can easily light up a few different areas. Think about having a single light fixture to light up where you step in and out of the shower. It makes getting in and out of the shower easier. Perhaps lighting up where you do your makeup would be another option. Lighting above where you keep towels or necessities could provide a nicer experience for guests.

Other Areas Canned Lighting Works Well

Hallways are often overlooked, but do well with canned lighting fixtures. It allows you to turn on a single light at night for overnight guests who are unfamiliar with your home. When you need more light, you turn on more of the fixtures. You can go from pitch black to just like daylight if you have the lights set up properly.

Bedrooms are a great place for canned lighting, too. Over your bed creates a reading or writing space for relaxing before bed. Above a dresser allows you to easily find your clothing when you want to get dressed each day. Your bedroom closet may already have a similar fixture.

Then, of course, there is the living room. Do you want to create a space in the living room that stands out? What better way of doing so than by setting it off with different lighting. Create a reading nook, highlight special family photos, or create an area that is just yours for sipping your morning coffee.

For Help with Your Canned Lighting, Turn to the Experts

If you have decided that you want canned lighting, turn to the electrical experts at C & G Electric. They know how to help with all of the electrical issues you may have in your home. Plus, they also know how to install all forms of lighting anywhere you want in your home, including canned lighting.

To find out how C & G Electric can help you with your lighting installations, call them at (940)566-0711. They can help whether you want something complex like a new electrical panel, or something simple like new canned lighting.

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