Fuse Box Electrical Repairs

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February 12, 2018
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Fuse Box Electrical Repairs

What is the Cost to Replace a Fuse Box?

You may be considering changing out that old fuse box in your garage or basement, but you are still not sure. You may be thinking “What is the cost to replace a fuse box?” Do you wonder how you are going to change out the fuse box and what will replace it? We at C&G Electrical want to encourage you to let us replace your old fuse box. There are many projects you can easily do at your home or business, replacing a fuse box should not be one of them. Our technicians are trained electric repair and replacement specialists. They have the skills needed to undertake your fuse box replacement job. Let’s take a closer look at why you should replace your fuse box and the costs involved.

Fuse Boxes are Outdated and Dangerous

If you have a fuse box in your house, then you most likely reside in an older home. It is with good reason these relics of the past are no longer used.  Some insurance companies are hesitant to insure homes that have fuse boxes because of the danger. In the first half of the last century, houses had wiring that could handle a certain amount of electricity and no more.  As years pass electronics in the home became more advanced, and also drew more power. Fuses would regularly blow (go out) because the metal strip inside of it was designed to disintegrate when the electricity became too great for the wiring.

In the latter part of the twentieth century a new type of fuse came along that could handle more amperage. The new fuses allowed people to consume more and more electricity, even though the wiring in their walls couldn’t handle the increased load. Electrical fires became commonplace from the 1960s through the 1990s as higher amperage fuses became popular.  With the realization that fuse boxes could cause fires, even with a higher gauge wiring, they were used less frequently in new construction. Today, homeowners have opted to replace fuse boxes because of the danger.

Fuse Boxes are Inconvenient

A factor in the cost to replace a fuse box is the time and expense it takes to replace a fuse. When a fuse blows, you may or may not have any replacements on hand. Even if you keep spare fuses, it is easy to lose them. When a fuse blows, that means a trip to the store and the cost of gas to get there. A value cannot be put on time lost fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight to replace a fuse. And, if stores aren’t open when your fuse goes out, you may just be out of luck.

Why Circuit Breakers Are Superior to Fuse Boxes

As mentioned earlier, fuse boxes are a fire hazard and incontinent. By contrast, circuit breakers are safe and easy to use. The design of a circuit breaker uses both magnetic and thermal sensors. These sensors aren’t destroyed when triggered, unlike a fuse. When a current slowly builds up from using too many appliances at once on a single circuit, a piece of metal within the breaker warps from the heat. This activates the mechanism to open the circuit.  When a short circuit occurs, where power too much power suddenly travels across an unintended path, the magnetic sensor in the breaker detects magnetic waves from the electricity and springs the mechanism open.

It is easy to see why the circuit breaker has been the preferred method of regulating electricity in homes and business since the 1960s. The simplicity of restoring a circuit by merely flipping a switch is much easier than trying to locate a box of fuses in pitch black and subsequently having to unscrew and old fuse and screw in a replacement. You can even program newer fuse boxes to reset themselves once they trip. There are, however, some costs when it comes to replacing a fuse box.

The Cost to Replace a Fuse Box

When it comes to fuse box electrical repairs or replacement, costs accumulate quickly. There are a number of things to consider:


It stands to reason that when you replace a fuse box with a circuit breaker, the old wiring in the walls will need replacement as well. Unlike fuses, where it was possible to “cheat” with older wiring by installing a fuse that was rated higher than the wiring, a circuit breaker is activated every time too much electricity flows through the wires. The cost will vary with the size of the home and amount of replacement wire.


Depending on where you live you may need permits to conduct the replacement. Thankfully, the experts and C & G Electric are familiar with the required local permits and how to aquire them.


Labor costs are directly related to the number of hours required to complete the replacement of a fuse box and old wiring. This can vary from home to home but a qualified electrician should be able to quote you the cost of the electrical repairs and replacement.

The Bottom Line

With all materials, labor and permits factored in the cost of replacing a circuit board the price ranges from $500 to $1500 on average. However, not replacing your fuse box could cost you so much more. Not only are you at the mercy of an inconvinient, outdated fuse box, but you may be putting your family and your home at risk. Our professional electricians want to help ensure that you, your family, and your home are as safe as possible.

Why stay with an obsolete and dangerous fuse box? Let C&G Electrical install a circuit breaker that will be easier to reset and safer for your home. Call us today at (940) 566-0711 or fill out our free online form. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.



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