Clear Up the Clutter with New USB Charger Outlets

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Clear Up the Clutter with New USB Charger Outlets

USB charger outlets are all the rage right now. Why? Because Americans love their devices. Whether it’s multiple cell phones, music devices, tablets, or even laptops, there is no shortage of things to plug in and charge each night. As a result, the space around a wall outlet can become very cluttered with chargers, wires, and so on. Now, you can have USB charger outlets installed right into your wall. This is a great way to provide the access to the charging you need without all the peripheral equipment. Fewer wires to get tangled up means less stress for you. And you will never be able to lose a USB charger outlet, as it is affixed to the wall!

What Are USB Charger Outlets?

USB charger outlets are a traditional outlet into which you can plug everyday appliances. In addition, it has one or more USB slots which you can use to charge your devices. Simply plug your devices into the USB slot and let them go. Advantages of using USB charger outlets include convenience and safety. The outlets are more convenient than lugging around several different chargers (which can be lost or broken). Plus, without the tangle of cords sitting there as a trip (or fire) hazard, you will find the USB charger outlets to be an improvement in safety.

Many USB charger outlets have another benefit to them. They have built-in surge protection. This means that if there is ever an electrical surge that goes through your home, the outlet will shut down. The outlet will not pass along that surge of electricity to the devices you have plugged into it. Your items will be safe, even if other things or around your home took damage.

Quality USB Charger Outlets Mean Less Chance of Equipment Damage

You probably know someone who has had an expensive device ruined when the charger they were using malfunctioned. Perhaps it has even happened to you! Whether due to wear and tear, inferior manufacturing standards, damage, or some other reason, the fact of the matter is that sometimes a charger begins to perform at a lower level. This can even end up damaging your device.

When you use USB charger outlets, you do not have to worry about such issues. Because the outlet is located safely in the wall, it will not ever get dropped, crushed, or otherwise damaged. Plus, because the actual act of charging a device creates very little wear and tear, you don’t need to worry about the charging outlet breaking altogether. This leaves you with no way to charge your devices. For convenience and reliability, you just can’t beat a USB charger outlet.

Getting USB Charger Outlets Installed

USB charger outlets are fairly readily available in most home improvement stores. However, many homeowners do not feel comfortable installing this equipment on their own. Any time you work with electricity, there can be a risk of physical injury and/or damage to the building if it is not properly installed. If you do not have expertise and training, it is important that you seek out someone who does. That way, both you and your home are safe following the installation of USB charger outlets anywhere around your home.

For those who do have the experience or training to install these outlets on their own, they are simple to replace. First, you want to make sure that there is no power going to the outlet. Turn the circuit off, and be sure to test it before you begin. Then, you want to unscrew the old outlet you had in the wall. Once the old outlet is out, you should put the new outlet in. The wires should connect in the same manner they did with the old outlet. Make sure the outlet is grounded before sliding it back into the wall. Then, screw it back into place.

You should then turn the power back on to that outlet, and then test it to make sure it is working properly. If the test shows that your outlet is working, then you can try charging one of your USB devices in your new outlet. If you do not feel comfortable with this process, do not even try it on your own. Reach out to someone that can do it safely. It simply is not worth the risk that you or your home could take damage from a mistake along the way.

If you think USB charger outlets would help you out, give us a call at (940)566-0711. We at B&B Electric are happy to come to your home or business and give you a hand. We have extensive experience in electrical work, and we proudly maintain all relevant credentials and insurance as required by law. No job is too big or too small for us, so give us a call for help with your USB charger outlets, today!

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