Electrical Panels / Fuse Boxes

Electrical panel upgrade or repair

C & G Electric, Inc. has been specializing in electric panel upgrade and repairs for over 25 years. We make sure to see the job through from start to finish. We coordinate every job with the power company and all municipalities. We get the permits. And we guarantee our electrical work to pass all city, county or state inspections.

Electric panel upgrades are done for a variety of reasons:

  • Adding an appliance or item that requires more energy or power than you have, i.e. central air, oven, pool, hot tub, spa, power equipment
  • If you have an old style fuse box panel. Good idea to upgrade the electric panel box for safety reasons as well.
  • Kitchen remodel or renovation
  • Room addition
  • A move to a home with undersized electrical service

New electrical panels

If you have an old fuse box system in your house or office, you are probably having your life interrupted a lot of times due to the need of replacing blown fuses. More than just the inconvenience, having an old electrical system can also represent a risk to your safety.

  • Are you unable to run certain appliances at the same time?
  • When your AC goes on, do you trip circuit breakers?
  • Can you only run one kitchen appliance at a time?
  • Are flickering lights a common occurrence?
  • Are you still using a panel that uses screw in fuses?
  • If this sounds like your home, then we recommend that you replace or upgrade your electrical panel immediately.

Homes and office today require more and more electricity. Our homes are becoming high-tech with all kinds of equipment to help our daily lives.  The office is even far more complex with computer systems, telephone systems, equipment and more. Your electrical system needs to be prepared to handle all that.

If you are not sure what to do, please give us a call. We will schedule a complimentary electrical system review and provide you with recommendations for an electrical system upgrade that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

You may need a new circuit breaker system installation, or you may just need additional electric capacity. Let our experienced electricians take care of your home electrical services or upgrade needs. We will always provide you with the right electric solution, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Electric panel upgrade
  • Code compliance and correction
  • Capacity upgrades
  • New circuits
  • Replacement of old fuses with modern circuit breakers
  • Rewiring of old circuits
  • Troubleshooting electrical faults
  • Wiring and safety evaluations

Updates and Newer Appliances May Require More Power

The bottom line is that the advances in technology require more energy. Computers, microwaves, front loading washer and dryers, and super sized refrigerators cannot run on electrical panels that are 40 years old.

The electrical load is too great for the panel to handle. Despite the age of your home, you can make the changes necessary to buy all the appliances you need. You might have an antiquated fuse box that is simply unsafe and unable to manage your electrical needs.  Upgrading the service panel will accommodate the additional appliances in your home.

Replacing your old kitchen appliances is enough to put a significant strain on your old panel. Just because the outlets exist, does not mean that they can manage the electric required to keep them running.

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